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The most recent performance This is the Land explores the 'Eerie'; a sensation of unease and discomfort generated by the existence of something where there should be nothing, a presence of an unknown entity which disturb our normal perceptions. Inspired by the recent 'folk horror' revival, This Is The Land considers how the eerie can exist in the lightness as well as in the darkness.

Five ghostly figures are summoned from the earth, outsiders, broken, but not forgotten.

These excluded others arise through the vocal-looping that conjures them in this Thin Place. Thee distance between the living and the dead are close as the membrane between them becomes thinner.

Sounds, voices, rhymes, dances, songs of fragmentary experience resound from the land. 

These performers shape shift to lead us through a cyclical journey from resurrection to death and change.

The spectral past makes itself momentarily accessible to us to glimpse a mysterious relationship to the land,

beyond story and explanation.

This Is The Land defies the rational as an invitation into a 'beyond'.

Our language is a combination of compelling movement and dance, live vocal-looping, metamorphosis of objects,  five shapeshifting performers, and an atmospheric original soundtrack.

The production is stripped back to an abstract and expressionistic style, which is highly visual, visceral, and physical. 

Created in collaboration with performer's Leeza Jessie, Xavier De Santos, Samuel De La Torre, Sofia Velez, Alice Barton,and music composed by John Baggott. 

Toured to Rondo Theatre, Bath, April 2022

Anglican Chapel, Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, November 2022

RITU Festival, Liege, Belgium, November 2022

VAULT Festival, London, 2023

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