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Recent performance This is the Land explores the 'Eerie'; a sensation of unease and discomfort generated by the existence of something where there should be nothing, a presence of an unknown entity which disturb our normal perceptions. Inspired by the recent 'folk horror' revival, This Is The Land considers how the eerie can exist in the lightness as well as in the darkness.

Five ghostly figures are summoned from the earth, outsiders, broken, but not forgotten.

These excluded others arise through the vocal-looping that conjures them in this Thin Place where distance between the living and the dead is thinner. The spectral past makes itself momentarily accessible to us to glimpse a mysterious relationship to the land, where sounds, voices, rhymes, dances, and songs as fragmentary experiences of memory resound.











Performer/Deviser Leeza Jessie, Xavier De Santos, Samuel De La Torre, Sofia Velez, Alice Barton.

Original soundtrack: John Baggott. 

While it was not always possible to comprehend a singular narrative, spurts of stories emerged and disappeared in the ever-evolving journey of the piece. What is extremely interesting is how this cacophony of sounds and images triggered certain hand-picked universal memories. Yet, parts of the show seemed open and exploratory, inviting the audience to perceive what and how they willed. I believe, that added beauty and nuance to the piece. These five made for an extremely talented and skilled ensemble of movers well attuned to each other and the space. Experimental and quirky, This is the Land is surely high-quality physical theatre!

North West End UK ****

'The audience is taken on a journey of dance, movement, singing, humour and expression. Collectively this makes it evocative and captivating to watch. There were elements of unpredictability leaving you in anticipation of what was happening next'  Theatre and Tonic *** 

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