occupies the space of loss... 

The story of a house, 'Dwelling' imagines what happens when we re-inhabit abandoned space. Dwelling started as a film shot in the ruined mansion Poltimore House in Devon, and developed into a live performance. Combining imagistic movement-theatre style with vocal-looping and film, creating an atmospheric and immersive experience for an audience.

Dwelling attunes us to the presence of memory as story, through a cycle of non-linear storytelling to conjure ghosts  - a cacophony of voices - unheard, unspoken, haunting and haunted.

"some astounding images{...}especially when the complex layered video emerged with live action and sound"

Dwelling is available as an installation piece in 2022, as it was unable to tour in 2021 Please contact us for more details.


Dwelling is a creative in collaboration with the following artists and performers

Leeza Jessie 
Alice Barton

Xavier de Santos 

Samuel de la Torre 

Sofia Caley

Aimee Pollock 

Helen Roberts

Technician Jayme Fraioli

Director Mary Steadman

Artist Valerie Bowes