My research investigates concepts of Spectrality and Hauntology in contemporary performance practice. Through A methodology of re-inhabiting abandoned spaces, and the following projects address a series of questions in relation to the research.

In 2021-22



Derives from the concept of itinerant ghosts - the ghosts have abandoned the bodies they haunted  the ghosts have left the building

they are out on the road....what haunts the land as eerie presence?

Research Questions?

What possible futures did not come to pass?

How do structures and traditions shape our social imaginary? How can we imagine things differently?

What is spectral in this land? What eerie presence haunts?

What is the function of folk in telling our stories?

What stories do we believe in?

 The first project The Strange Geometry of Time 

 What Haunts? Who and what is haunted? 

Toured to Bath Spa University and Dreams Before Dawn Festival, Paris, 2018

Research Questions

In what ways can Derrida’s concept of Hauntology and theories of Spectrality inform the concept of the time in performance?

How can the materiality of the stage become performative in the representation of ghosts? 

What does a dramaturgy of haunting reveal about ghosts, memory, and cultural memory?

The second project Dwelling

began as a site-responsive film shot at Poltimore House, Devon, in 2019. The project explores the 'eerie' through  re-inhabiting this abandoned site and attuning ourselves to presences/absences.

The performance of Dwelling premiered at the Anglican Chapel, Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol in 3rd October, 2019. Dwelling is currently touring asThe Dead Tour to de-consecrated and consecrated sites in 2021, and is available for booking in the Spring and Summer of 2021.


Research Questions

In what ways can film and live performance interrogate notions of time/space in performance informed by the concept of Hauntology?

How can site-responsive dramaturgy enhance practice-based methodologies into hauntology in performance practice?

How does the practice-based research avoid the clichés of hauntings and ghosts at the site of a haunted house?