Famous & Divine, Mary Steadman and Amanda Price (2007-13)

Trailer Trash written by Mike Elliston, Hen and Chicken, Islington London, November, 2012


Tryin' to be Tom Waits devised by Mary Steadman and Amanda Price in collaboration with Mike Carter (Director) Bedford, Cambridge 2012/13


Divine Nights devised with Amanda Price, also involving collaborations with Mike Elliston, Mike Carter,

Sarah Turner, Chris Jury, Mathew Ferdenzi,Chloe Hooton, Suneil Bolton,Andrew Toynbee, Josh Barnard,

Rose Balfour,as well as students from Bath Spa University Bierkellar, Bristol, 2012


Fugitive Songs devised performance with Amanda Price, (Winner of Best in Show Houston Fringe Festival)

Toured to Bath, Bristol, Brighton Festival, Performance Art Depot, Mainz, Germany,

Houston Fringe Festival, Freneticore, Houston , USA, 2010/11

Last Night I Dreamt My House Was Leaking....devised with Amanda Price, t
oured to Sprint Festival,

Camden People's Theatre, London,  Performance Art Depot, Mainz, Germany, University Theatre, Bath, BedFringe, and Lancaster, 2008/9.






Publicity image from Fugitive Songs 2011/12, Famous & Divine