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The Traffic of Clothes


The Traffic of Clothes takes as it's starting point Kafka's 'The Trial'. It is a stark and unsettling performance that examines the corroding nature of guilt and inexorable humiliation. The performance invites into the surreal and inexplicable world that unravels for Joseph K, as he becomes increasingly alientated by the accusation of an unknown crime that condemns him to participate in the 'Traffic of the Court'. The allegory of the 'Fallen Man’s' predicament, of a state of enduring guilt, anxiety and terror in a world where all hope has been expunged. The Trial considered how our lives have become so entrenched with an institutionalised society as an instrument of power that oppresses individuality and rewards conformity.






The Traffic of Clothes (2012) toured to Quebec, Canada and the Rondo, Bath, UK. The film of The Traffic of Clothes, which was filmed and and edited in 2012/13  was then made into a short 2 minute film that you can see here. This became the starting point for the new production that we are working on currently although this has a different cast and has now gone in a very new direction. 


Directed by Mary Steadman

Filmed/edited in collaboration with Dan Crompton.

Performers: Daisy Nicholls, Barnaby Harris-Reid, Joseph Tweedale, Lauren Thompson, Rebecca Pickering, Joseph Philpotts, Joanne Creter, Anthony Marulanda-Carter

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