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At the beginning of the performance there are two people on stage. They represented a travelling troupe who’d come to tell this tale. They pluck Woyzeck from the audience to tell him that it is his story that is getting told tonight.This provided the audience with the idea that given another set of circumstances we could all be Woyzeck. 

The arrival of the menacing troupe, who look like they had been performing this story as a carnival-act for centuries, is a destabilising effect; the things that occur in this world are off-balance, and the assemblage of characters is a recipe for disaster and destruction., this is a brutal world.


The piece is expressionistic in its style, the movement, images and gestures are at the core of Buchner's text, and the images create a poetic multi-layered piece that reflect the style of Buchner’s writing.

Directed by Mary Steadman

Costume Design Cathy Kelly

Performers: Ashley Bates, Chloe Hooten, Sarah Fullagar, Sam Tebbatt, Matthew Johnson, Sylvia Hunt, Carl Fraser

Video: Alex Evans

                                               VIEW the trailer here:

Woyzeck (Disenchanted) was performed at Bath Spa University in 2009, then toured to RITU, Belgium in 2010. 

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