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Research & Development funded by Arts Council England 2016



The desire to explore how bodies respond to architectural space, based onThe Yellow-Wallpaper and the late photographerFrancesca Woodman's #House series. Exploring the tensions between interior and exterior spaces - what happens when these are out of balance - when boundaries are transgressed. 

Video of Research and Development of Borderland at Bath Spa University Theatre, Jan 28th-30th 2016. 

Directed by Mary Steadman 

Designer Cathy Kelly

Musician Helen Roberts


Leeza Jesse

Alice Barton

Lauren Gauge

Elsbeth Smit

Rose Balfour.


Exhibition of Art work curated by Cathy Kelly and Valerie Bowes and shown at 44AD Gallery, Bath.



Publicity image from Fugitive Songs 2011/12, Famous & Divine

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